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Site updates 13/Feb/09

I've added a test Gallery for photos. Sorry, there's not much there and you need a login right now to access anything.

I've also updated the home page and added some links to my other active web sites.

Server Moved 01/Feb/08
I've now changed hosts. The new host is Dreamhost and is based in the US!
Site search now live! 01/Jun/04
Fairly basic at present, it will only search through pre-prepared content, title, description and keyword information. Other searches will be added as time permits.
Updated UK Web.Solutions Direct FAQ 20/Apr/04
New FAQ entry on how to run PHP scripts from CRON. Plus updates on other entries
Some updates to the worship resources 08/Apr/04
A number of new word, chord sheet and midi files updated for those with access.
A number of pages updated 08/Apr/04
Some link corrections plus new additions to software and other work/IT pages.
Worship Resources Updated 10/Mar/04
The Music section now has a new, smarter browser, paging and filtering.
Site Updates: General content corrections 04/Mar/04
Including typo's and improvements to details on some pages.
New Content: "Baby 2" Section 04/Mar/04
In readiness for the new arrival later this year!
New Content: Software lists 04/Mar/04
Listings of software that I use (and don't use!) by operating system (Windows, Linux and Palm). Also a list of free software worth using.

Welcome to the Knightnet web site

This is my personal and family web site. Please feel free to have a look around. The menu to the left shows other sections and pages on the site.

If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact form on this site, I'm always happy to take feedback about and get ideas for the site and any of its content.

This site is very much a "work in progress" and will hopefully always be so. However, there are a few areas that have gained a wider audience such as the Walking Times, The Opal FAQ and the Worship sections.

The site has already gone through several iterations of build and is gradually getting better as and when I have time to work on it. In particular, much of the content is now provided from a database and is fully searchable from the search page.

Other Sites

I have a number of other web sites with specific information and you are more than welcome to investigate them.

  • My LinkedIn page
    LinkedIn is a professional networking service.
  • My Diigo bookmarks
    This is where I keep a note of all of the web pages that might interest me again.
  • Much ado about IT
    My blog about general IT and Information Management ideas and related research.
  • Living with Linux
    My Linux specific blog. Find out what I'm doing with Linux and some reference information that I've discovered along the way.

What is the purpose of this site?

Well, there are several reasons for the site and you can visit the site design section for details but in general:

There are a couple of sections, namely the OpalFAQ and the worship resources areas that are of use, not just to me, but other people too. I hope to extend this with the family and reviews sections over time.

Some people may also find useful the sections on various aspects of IT and business. As this is what I do for a living, these areas also act as a reminder to me of some of the key issues I face day to day and how to manage them. In addition, there will be links to other Internet resources for easy reference.

Another reason for the site is that it is something creative that I can do. Some people do gardening or DIY, I prefer technology and in particular IT.

How can I find my way around?

Hopefully, you will find the site structured pretty logically so feel free to have a browse around. If you would like to see the whole site structure, try the site map.

To get around, there are two menus. At the top of every page is a list of the current section and its parents. You can click on any of the links to be taken to the appropriate area. On the left of most screens is a list of the sub-sections and pages of the current area. Between these two, you can navigate around the whole site.

There are also a couple of links at the foot of each page. Two of these connect to the copyright and privacy statement. The other connects to the email feedback form - I love to get feedback so please do use this facility to let me know what you think of the site, let me know of any errors or anything you feel I should include.



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